Listen and repeat

In this demo, you will see a video clip play, and as soon as it finishes playing, audio recording starts. Once recording is stopped, you can click "Listen" to listen to the recording, or use the comparison buttons to compare your pronunciation with the model. The S>>T button plays the student's audio first, followed by the teacher's, and the T>>S button does the opposite.

Vocabulary flashcards

After vocabulary words are introduced in a listen-and-repeat activity, video-based flashcards may be useful. This demonstrates a highly interactive exercise. Cues are presented in the TV screen, in this case Japanese translations, and the student is to say what the word is in English. The order of words can be randomized, and a time limit can be set. When the allotted time is up, the computer proceeds to the next word automatically. (This is demonstrated on the thrid word.) If you can say the words right away, there is no need to wait until the time is up. Click "Next" and proceed. Cues can be pictures or photos depending on the words.

Drills -- telling time

SE is ideal for oral drills. In this activity, a time is randomly shown on the instruction panel, and a video clip poses the question "What time is it?" to which the student is to respond.


In this activity, the student is to respond to questions posed in the video using the information sheet presented on the instruction panel. One variation of this would be to present a map and ask for directions.

Oral reading

A passage is presented on the instruction panel, and the student is asked to read it aloud. Notice that the student has complete control over the video playback in this activity.


In shadowing, the student is to follow the model as closely as possible mimicing every aspect of it. This demonstrates scripted shadowing. Audio recording takes place as the video plays.

Demonstration of exercises for New Practical Chinese Reader being developed by Purdue University

A vocabulary exercise, a Q&A exercise, and a read-and-answer-questions exercise are featured in this demo.